Why organic meat?

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In my opinion, species-appropriate organic farming is particularly important for meat. Not only for moral reasons and because it makes a big difference in nutritional terms. Factory farming leads to massive negative effects on the environment, with no improvements in sight. Meat consumption continues to grow worldwide every year and conventional farmers are in an international price war to get the biggest possible piece of the pie or simply to survive. Fortunately, the awareness and demand for organic meat has been increasing in Europe for some years now and there is at least here a small positive trend.

I will concentrate here on the nutritional aspects, because these are the easiest to understand. After all, our health is important and it is undisputed that it depends to a large extent on nutrition. I will deal with environmental aspects of organic farming in a separate article.

Organic farms refrain from feed that has been genetically modified or contains growth-promoting hormones. Synthetic amino acids, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or other toxins are also omitted. In addition, only organic farms are required to provide sufficient outdoor exercise. You don’t need a doctorate to understand that meat from sustainable agriculture therefore not only tastes better but is also healthier.

In direct comparison with conventional meat, organic meat has a significantly higher content of omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants. This also applies to milk, eggs and other animal products. Studies in the British Journal of Nutrition show that, among other things, it contains approximately 50% more omega-3 and 69% more antioxidants. This is the result of the different, natural nutrition of the animals themselves and a stress-free life in nature.

So why is organic meat better than factory farming in summary?

Better taste

  • A stress-free life without cruelty to animals
  • 50 % higher proportion of positive omega-3 fatty acids
  • 69 % higher antioxidant content
  • More vitamins and minerals
  • Lower environmental impact
  • No growth-promoting hormones
  • No genetically modified feed
  • No toxins from synthetic amino acids, pesticides, etc.


For us, these are enough reasons to rely exclusively on organic meat for SNACKIFY bars.