Diets and forms of nutrition – Part 1

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Dietary forms are now available, like a dime a dozen, but which one is right for you? Dieting is not necessarily about losing weight. The goal can also be muscle gain, more endurance, improved health or certain food intolerances.

In order not to lose the overview, we will introduce you to the most popular diets and nutritional philosophies at regular intervals and briefly describe whether SNACKIFY is suitable or not.


Dash Nutrition

The term “DASH” stands for “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension” and thus has the lowering of blood pressure as its primary goal. This is achieved through a targeted, controlled diet and by avoiding foods that increase blood pressure. It is therefore not a classic diet, but a health-oriented form of nutrition.

The focus of the diet is on fruit, vegetables, fish, cereals, nuts, low-fat dairy products and small amounts of lean meat.

On white flour products, fat meat (above all pig meat) and other food with a high portion of saturated fatty acids, baked food, ratinated sugar and large quantities of salt (maximally 6 gram daily) should be to a large extent renounced. Nicotine and alcohol should be omitted completely.

In addition, a daily calorie limit should be defined for each person (depending on height, sex and physical strain). In principle, a maximum of 2,000 calories for men and 1,500 calories for women is often given as a guideline.

Due to the specifications SNACKIFY bars are generally recommended, but should always keep an eye on the calories and salt quantity. Although we only use lean organic meat, we still have to use up to 1 g of salt per bar for shelf life reasons, depending on the variety. The use of rich ingredients with unsaturated fatty acids (such as cashew nuts) speaks for the consumption of our bars.


Ketogenic nutrition

Little carbohydrates and a lot of fat.

This further development of the Atkins diet from the 1970s allows a maximum of 50 g of carbohydrates per day, which is equivalent to about two slices of toast or a pack of chips. In contrast, 90% of the energy requirement is derived from fat and the rest from important proteins, vitamins and minerals.

The principle: Basically, the human body is supplied with energy largely by carbohydrates. If not enough of it is available, the body switches to burning fat. This process is called “ketosis” and causes the kilos to fall faster than most other diets.

Due to the high amount of fat, however, special attention must be paid to its quality (high quality unsaturated fatty acids) and to not neglecting other important nutrients. We recommend that you keep an eye on your blood values by regular medical analyses and to intervene immediately in case of deficiency symptoms or to stop the diet. Basically, this is not suitable for everyone and the changeover means a great deal of stress for the body. Scientists therefore rather advise against a permanent ketogenic diet.

SNACKIFY bars contain hardly any carbohydrates (depending upon sort approx. 1 g per bar) and a high portion of unsaturated fatty acids. They can therefore be recommended without restriction, also to cover a part of the daily protein requirement.


Mediterranean Diet

Eating like on vacation by the sea. With this nourishing form ballast-material-rich mixed food with healthy fats stands on the menu. Sport or calorie counting is not one of the basic principles, but a slow and enjoyable food increase is the around and up. In this way, the natural feeling of satiety protects us from unnecessary calorie intake and we lose weight slowly in a natural way without having to make big compromises.

Fast food is therefore taboo, just like fatty meat and fatty dairy products. Instead, dishes such as fish, fresh vegetables, salad, nuts, olive oil, poultry, rice, pasta, legumes, the odd glass of red wine and other ingredients from the Mediterranean region are on the table. As with almost all diets, the consumption of sugar and salt should be reduced as much as possible.

Above all, it is important to eat more consciously and take time.

It is not for nothing that the Mediterranean diet is currently a big trend. Compared to other forms of nutrition, it is easy to implement, the body does not need a period of adjustment, and in the long term, people are eating a healthier diet. Also the permitted foods are readily available and offer a great variety in preparation.

Our SNACKIFY bars can be eaten without any doubt with this form of nutrition, but red meat should rather be replaced with fish and poultry according to this diet.



This is a form of nutrition that is based on the (presumed) diet of the Stone Age, because it is believed that people today no longer eat in a species-appropriate way and our digestive system is overstrained. Paleo-nutrition is intended to increase the mental and physical performance of humans, to improve their well-being and prevent diseases.

We eat what was available to hunters and gatherers, or what comes closest. The menu therefore consists exclusively of high-quality, preferably untreated ingredients that have been available for thousands of years. Sugar, grain, legumes, artificial additives, milk and dairy products, vegetable fats and meat from factory farming must therefore be avoided. Instead, high-quality meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, fruit (especially berries) and vegetables (especially wild plants) animal fat, salad and herbs may be eaten. Coffee, alcohol and tobacco are generally prohibited.

For many people the change to Paleo is difficult, because many common dishes like bread, pasta or sugar are to be avoided and above all products are to be consumed directly by the farmer or with organic certification. Also a visit to a restaurant is often difficult. Nevertheless, there are now some studies that confirm a positive effect of Paleo nutrition on health.

SNACKIFY bars are made exclusively with the highest quality organic ingredients, no sugar, no artificial additives, no legumes and no cereals. Even if at present still some is processed by hand, also a mechanical processing takes place. We are convinced that our bars are paleo-conform.


Warrior Diet

Feeding like a warrior – by fasting for 20 hours a day and eating within 4 hours, the food intake should be reduced and the body should be less burdened. It is said that this increases concentration and performance levels.

In 2007, a study was published on a similar diet in which people limited their food intake to 4 hours a day. In direct comparison, this allowed more muscle mass to be built up and fat to be reduced.

In principle, the guidelines for permitted foods are less strict here than in most other diets, but fast food, sugar, artificial sweeteners and other unhealthy additives should be avoided and cooked as freshly as possible. During the fasting period, small healthy snacks made of vegetables, fruit, meat and nuts with a maximum of 200 calories are allowed.

With the conversion of its nutrition to the Warrior Diät a settling in period of a few weeks is necessary, because the body must accustom itself only gradually to it. This time can be very hard, because in the beginning tiredness, hunger and loss of performance can be noticed. Therefore, this form of diet is not recommended for everyone and the lead time should be considered.

SNACKIFY bars are recommended and can help you against the greatest hunger, especially during the fasting periods.