The Vision

Meat, but right!


For decades, farm animals, especially cattle and their consumers, have been seen by environmentalists and nutritional idealists as the number one enemy of the state. The public is made to believe that cattle erode the soil, pollute air and water, are associated with worldwide deforestation and damage the human body.

The truth is that environmentally conscious livestock farms not only play an important role in the conservation of grassland ecosystems, but are also absolutely necessary for the health of our planet. On the one hand, farm animals are one of the most important foods in the world (especially in poorer countries) because they often live where plants cannot be grown. On the other hand, humans need grass to live, just like grass needs livestock and livestock needs grass. Without this cycle, grassland cannot thrive and this prevents topsoil erosion – one of the worst global environmental crises.

Especially we in Austria (as well as in large parts of Europe) have the luxury of being able to use a particularly large amount of green space for agriculture in a sustainable way. This will make it possible to completely replace intensive animal husbandry in the coming decades – because this is harmful to animals and the environment.

No matter what the food system of the future will look like, sustainably produced meat can and must be part of the solution.

For this reason, we support local organic farmers, sustainable farming and are strictly against factory farming and the import of cheap meat.


Taste and Health


Sustainable meat tastes better.

It has now been clearly proven that meat from organic farmers has a significantly higher content of omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants compared to that from factory farms. (Read a study on organic meat in the British Journal of Nutrition)

The reasons for this lie in the natural diet, the renunciation of medication and hormones, which means that the animals are exposed to less tension in the course of their lives. This is because the adrenaline released during stress has a demonstrably negative effect on meat quality.

Meat from animals reared in a sustainable manner is therefore not only healthier, but also has a more intense taste. As with all foods, it goes without saying that a varied and balanced diet should be a priority.


Therefore Organic


In many cases, small family farms provide the same quality as certified organic farmers with whom we work.

Those who do not have the possibility to buy directly from the farmer and check the conditions on location, therefore make a good choice for products with the organic logo. Due to conscientious controls you can rely on quality and sustainability.

In order to be able to guarantee our customers this security, we work together with the association “BIO AUSTRIA”, which also regularly and transparently audits us. Details of the current guidelines can be found here.